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Updates With Momiji and IchibanCon
l lawliet
I am an awful person and have not been updating you on things, so to contemplate my remorse, here are the final pictures of Momiji.

The completed costume:


So the dress began like this:

P1310874 copy

I'm really glad I found this, because in the planning stage of this costume, I really did envision the dress being corduroy, which is what I found. So I removed the straps completed and hacked off the button, and I trimmed the dress at the bottom and built on overall straps. I got overall buckles from the craft store, and despite them being a massive pain to put on because the metal was so crappy (and even BROKE), I eventually got it to function and the buckles actually work B'D

THAT BLOODY SHIRT, I had been looking for it for months, but can you believe it. Despite ALL the random-a** patterns in this world, a yellow shirt with green checkered stripes has yet to appear on planet earth. I even looked for fabric so I could scratch make it. I would a fabric consisting of images of sliced pickles, but yellow with green checkers? fugeddaboudit.

So that shirt was horizontal stripes, which was the closest I could get, which is fine. I was kinda trying to avoid drawing on the vertical lines so I might not bother. But I used white fabric to do the shirt's collar and cuffs, so that took care of that. I'm not really married to having vertical stripes on it, since I'm grateful for finding something even remotely close to what I was looking for.

Shoes are thrift store as well.

I LOOOVE the wig, it is so comfy ♥

Also made her bandana thing, that was actually the very first thing I made. I wore it allll over the house x'D


I'm gonna be totally honest...I was not impressed with this year AT ALL. It was partly my fault for going 2 weekends; by the second weekend I was burned out and ready for the con to end, AND I didn't give my No Drama Con Policy of walking away from anyone trying to start sh*t NEARLY the attention I should have. That was a learning experience though. I will toughen my policy next time.

But anyhow, I may have mentioned this, but I'm likely going to Momocon next month! I've never been, so that should be exciting! I've got another cosplay I'll be debuting there, and I swear I'll try to keep you updated about it x|

Binbougami Ga cosplay!
l lawliet
SO I LOGGED IN TO FIND 53 SPAM MESSAGES REQUIRING DELETION omg what. I even have it set to CAPTCHA every user wow these leeches are persistent.

But anyway, IchibanCon is almost upon us!!!!!! :D For my big debut cosplay I will be doing Momiji Binboda from Binbougami Ga! Reference picture:

Her costume is almost done, but I am having a really hard time finding a yellow shirt with green stripes, actually O_O I've tried everywhere. Hopefully I'll get ahold of that before January.
The wig is almost here!!! It arrives in town today according to the tracking number, so it should be here tomorrow ;w;

So for progress, I'll post this giant syringe, since that's all finished.

For the base of the syringe, I used PVC pipe from Home Depot. This was about 7 dollars, super cheap. It was already the length I needed, so no cutting required!

There was a big black block of text running down the other side, and I think all pipes come like that. Just some sandpaper took that right off.

For the base I used this here tupperware. *shot*

For the top of the syringe, I basically just built a hexagon-type thing as seen in the photo to attach to the top (....yes it does say yes....). it's got a hole in it so your arm slips through. For the needle, I just used a plastic tube. I did not file the tip of that tube down, because cons won't like a sharp plastic tube very much xP

The needle was painted silver and the tube was spray-painted blue. I'm SO happy I found the right shade of spray paint >w<

To keep the syringe on my arm, I installed a handle inside of it to hold onto so it stays on. The handle is basically some twisted wire running through the pipe. I drilled some holes into the sides of the pipe and strung the wire through it, and looped it until it was think enough to grip. Just for comfort's sake, I put some fabric around that wire as well x3

AWA 2012 - Thursday
l lawliet
Alrightyyyy so here we are pre-con day, and I cosplayed Garry for a little bit once I got my badge >w< I've been sick so I'm kind of losing my voice which is just....great =_=;;;

The drive was very nice and peaceful. Also good. I like to drive. >w<

So tomorrow I'll be debuting Delic, which I'm SUPER excited about cuz he's just such an attractive dude. On Saturday I'll be debuting Miyu, and then on Sunday will be Beatriceee.

So yeah. I'll try and post more updates and pictures as they come. Good stuff >w<


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