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General Update
l lawliet
Hey everyone! I'm still alive xD and working on cosplays! Currently I'm in the middle of a Vampire Princess Miyu cosplay. I just ordered the wig and am at work on her kimono and bow. I'm get some progress shots up when I get a chance.

I finished up some cosplays of Shizuo Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara from Durarara...there aren't any progress shots of them, they're fairly self-explanatory xD

So I don't know if I mentioned this, so I do Artist Alley stuff now! I work under the title Nightmare Octopus. I'm not quite ready to sell stuff online so I'm not doing that yet, but I go to all the Hoshicon fundraising picnics, and I was at IchibanCon this past year, and I always do really well, so I hope to continue for a while. Pop by the website and take a look at what I make!

Soma Costume Progress
l lawliet

So after getting an email notification about some rude Anonymous commenter trying to challenge me to a Ciel cosplay-making competition or something like that, it reminded me I need to update this place...hi y'all ;_;)/

Anyway, I guess I'll start with the suit I bought (Yes, suit...T_T)

Reference shot:

It was actually very difficult to find the right color I needed for Soma, it took me a couple tries. In the end, the closest I could get was this, it's a skirt and a matching shirt, like a dress suit. So I had to sew them both together in order to get what I needed. (cost: $3.50)

I hadn't gotten the sash yet, so it order to sew on the bellishments (that triangle thing on his chest), I tied it off so I could know how big I needed it to be, so I could make sure it didn't crease because it was too large.
About how I got it be the turtleneck, I'm sorry but I have no advice for you...It was a very long and grueling process of me taking the costume on and off and trying to use the leftover fabric I cut off from the skirt to fill in the neck and get it to fit around my's all guestimation I'm afraid, so...just do your best ;_;

All of his embellishments were hand-sewn X_X I used sequin trim for the gold lining as seen in the picture. The triangle part as you can tell is super wrinkly because of the fabric I used, but that was fixed later using some ironing and some extra thread to stitch it to the costume. So yeah it looks a mess right now xD

Here's a close-up view, doing the sequin bit was a bit don't sew the sequins themselves, you sew the string part that holds them together. They'll be a little wobbly at first but once they're all strung to the costume it was a lot easier.

The vest was easy, I just got a sleeveless red shirt (removed the collar and the tails things at the end...) and lined it with white ribbon :D (cost: $1.50)

Then, the wig!

I lucked out and find a FANTASTIC seller on eBay called hopesmeller2010. It's an overseas seller which I'm usually very cautious about, but this wig came in 13 days in amazing shape. I ordered a new Grell wig from them and it's on its way...also ordering my Rin wig from them ewe

So it's pretty long and also needs to be textured. Lucky for me the wig is heat-resistant so texturing wasn't a problem. (cost: $20)

I just used a curling iron on medium heat :D
I was unable to get the ponytail as I wanted it though D:/ I'm actually working on that right now and I think I found a good method but I need some materials first.


I got some wide ribbon for the sash and doubled wasn't ideal, but supririsngly red-and-white striped fabric was hard to come by O__O (cost: $2 on sale)

For the earrings, I got these findings:

Sadly they're not gold but I plan to get some leafing.
I could NOT find any teardrop beads!!! Can you believe that??? D:[ So I got just regular straight beads, I had no idea teardrop beads (of ANY color) were such a rarity o_O (cost: Chandelier findings were 75 cents on sale, straight beads were $1 on sale, and the earring wire was $1.50 on sale for a huge pack)

His necklace was a ghetto fabulous hotglue/cloth job using this piece of plank.

Yes sir. (cost: 75 cents xD)

So a little extra stuff added here and there and you get this:

(you can't see the earrings xD; I'll take a proper shot for you :D)

I thought I'd need 2 spools of sequins but in the end one was plenty, and I even had enough left over to do the necklace. Only needed one spool of yellow ribbon, both wide and thin. Only needed one spool of white.

Prop Progress on Ringleader Grell
l lawliet
So my fablish friend twin Moe created an original design of Grell Sutcliffe, which is the Ringleader Grell pictured thus:

I've been looking for different variations of Grell recently, since the only alternate Grell cosplays I have are Cheshire Grell and, well, regular Grell. And I figured a lot of the other alternates I could do have already been done. And this, well, LOOKS AMAZING. So I asked her if I could create this cosplay and she said I could ;w;

So I'm on a bit of a cash pinch at the moment, so any money I get has to go straight to gas; I can't afford to splurge quite at the moment, so I've been making stuff based on what I've got/what was on sale so I didn't have to spend a lot. The pink striped ribbon I'm about to show you was half-off for the spool, so that's the only reason I got it this week, cuz the sale was about to end.

So I've found the tights at my lover SockDreams, the one problem is that the
vertical-striped tights are out of stock, and I can't guarantee they'll be back in stock in time for IchibanCon so I may have to get creative there. I've got a few eBay listings backed up just in case. But the horizontal-stripes they've got, and they're there whenever I get the money for them.

So as for the materials that I've got, I managed to complete his hat and cameo, and below are the progress shots for those.

I already had the button covers, as pictured, and the jewels were black, so I painted the jewel pink with acrylic pink paint and then glazed it over with diamond glaze to lock in the paint.
(His neck ribbon is technically done too, I just have to sew everything together xD)

So that's all finished, and next I start the hat.

They had black hats at the craft store but not white ones, so I just decided to scratch-make it from a pizza box and some felt I had at home. Baheeheehee~

One side of the pizza box was plenty big enough to curl and round off into the size I needed, so I just cut one side and hotglued the ends together to make it round. Trimmed it as needed, traced a circle in to make the top, hotglued that, and I had the base~

I started to cover that bit in felt, did the same to the top. Since the felt is kinda thin, the print of the pizza box showed through, so I covered it in regular white printer paper first to blur out the print.

I then made the bottom half. I didn't cut a hat hole into that bit since I knew it wouldn't be fitted to my head, so I just left it flat at the bottom without cutting a hole through.

After I finished the actual hat part, Next was to put the ribbon on:

I looped some pink around it first and let the strands stay free, as pictured...

The picture shows that the hat has black netting and I could have SWORN I had black netting but I couldn't find I just used my white Dx then I tied a ribbon using the spool I bought and attached that.

Afterwards I hotglued some white ribbon on the buttom to tie it to my head. I hotglued the ribbon itself, and then reenforced it by hotgluing some strips of felt overtop of it, then hotgluing around the edges to keep it sturdy. I darkened the image a bit so you can see what I did:

And the finished product:

YAAAY >w<)b


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